The 6/45 Australian lottery- Things to know

645 Lotto

Have you heard that in Australian 6/45 Lotto there is more than one person with the winning combination of numbers the estimated AUD$4,000,000.00 first division prize pool is distributed evenly. Like if there are 4 winners, each will receive AUD$1 million dollars.
The Australian 6/45 Lottery conducts weekly draws that consist of 8 numbered balls randomly drawn by an electronic system – 6 main numbers first, followed by 2 supplementary numbers. Australian 6/45 Lotto draws from numbers 1 through to 45 (not 49, like most other world lotteries) – giving players of the Australian 6/45 Lotto a greater chance of winning.

Let us learn few facts of Australian 6/45 Lotto

  • In this lottery if a draw does not result in a 1st division winner, the jackpot prize is added to the next draw. This means that the estimated 1st division prize pool of AUD$4,000,000.00 is doubled for the following week’s draw.
  • Each week the Australian lottery offers an estimated AUD$4,000,000.00 dollars first prize pool. Not only can one lucky person become a millionaire, but also in addition to this major first prize, up to 270,000 minor prize winners will receive cash amounts ranging from approximately $12.80 to $8,543.00. All cash prizes are paid in lump sums and are 100% free of Australian taxes.
  • The lottery draws are conducted under the strict supervision of government officials. The draw is broadcast live on national television across Australia every Saturday evening at 8:30pm.
  • The payment amount is written with the offer on any correspondence that we send you. This is the only charge per offer, and upon winning a game, winnings are sent tax-free and fee-free to you.
  • Some lottery offers have more than one pricing option. This allows the customer to play more games if they wish. You only need to purchase one of the options, however you may decide to purchase multiple options for increased chances of winning.
  • Game costs never change, but sometimes we provide discounts or free games with our options. You can take advantage of these offers you receive to increase your chances to win, or to save.
  • The entry fee is the only payment you will have to make in order to play. All administrative costs are included in the price of the games.
  • The lottery agents offer individual play, group play or a combination of both to our customers. There are advantages to all of these methods of play;
  • Group Play: By pooling your resources with other keen lotto enthusiasts, you can buy more games and ultimately increase your chances of winning. All winnings from group play are divided equally amongst group members.
  • Individual Play: Any winnings due to you from single play games are 100% yours, and are not shared with any other players.
  • Combination Play: This offers you the advantage of both of the above.
  • You can check your online records to see if you played individually or in a group. If your game offer was group play all winnings must be shared equally between members. Groups range from 5 to 50 members.
  • The number of players in your group is specified on the order form. In contrast, if you play individual games all winnings are paid entirely to you.
  • There are different offers for customers. Whilst playing more games increases your chances to win – it is up to you as to how many offers you wish to accept.
  • If you think you have missed a specified – deadline do not worry as there is an option to place you in the next available draw.
  • The lottery data system automatically checks your numbers for you, and cash winners of AUD$5,000.00 dollars or more are contacted immediately by telephone.
  • All other winning entries receive a winners notification. All players are sent an official results notice every 5 weeks of play, whether you have won or not.
  • The results from the most recent draw are entered online the next business day so you can check here for details.
  • All winners’ details are kept under strict confidence and will not be made public unless authorized by you.
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