Where To Buy And Win Lotteries In Australia?

Where to buy and win lotteries in Australia 2021

Australia is rich in lottery games as well as pokies. The most popular among Aussies is the lottery games. In Australia you can find Powerball, Set for Life, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Lotto Strike, Lucky lotteries super Jakcpot, Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot, Keno, Bingo, Instant scratchies, and many such awesome lottery games to play. You can buy lotteries at your nearest lottery retailer store or online at many of the Australian official lotto sites like the Lott and at various other online sites and apps.

One thing Aussie look for is to buy lottery tickets from that suburb or area which is lucky and will give them some wins. If you too are looking for the same area in Australia to be the lucky winner then here are the following states in Australia to buy and win lotteries. An analysis of lottery data from official holder The Lott has revealed these luckiest cities and states of Australia.

Sydney CBD: At new south wales Sydney CBD is the luckiest place to buy lotteries.  Winners who bought tickets at CBD outlets took home $5.4 million in 2020.

Melton Victoria : Four division one tickets were sold in Melton Victoria. It was responsible for $10.4 million in winning tickets, making it the country’s winning-est postcode when it comes to prize money.

Cairns Queensland: If you’re in the south-east, Cairns might be a bit of a drive just to buy a lottery ticket. Six division one-winning tickets were sold in Cairns over 2022, with winners taking home more than $6.24 million.

Adelaide CBD: Adelaide in South Australia is another lucky place to buy lotteries  and win them. South Australians had the most luck buying lottery entries from the city. More than $3.27 million in prize came from lottery tickets bought in the CBD.

Morley and Mandurah : Both Morley and Mandurah  in Western Australia sold five-division one-winning entries each, with Morley’s winning entries responsible for $6.45 million in prize money.

Besides these you can buy lotteries online at Tatts official lotto site, the Lott, The Golden Casket Lottery, NSW Lottery, Queensland Lottery site and more.

There are some third party online sites that also allows you to buy lotteries in Australia online.

 And more

You can also play lottery games like Keno, Bingo, Scratch cards at online casinos with your mobile or PC or tablet.

buy and win lotteries in Australia 2021

This means Lottery games in Australia are played both online and offline. The lottery laws in Australia differ from one state to another. The states have complete control of the lottery regulations in their individual jurisdictions. The national government helps oversee the general laws with regard to the types of lotteries operated in each of the states. Other than this, every other decision about the lotteries not limiting to licensing policies, distribution regulation, and sale plans are controlled by the states.

Though you can use third party sites to buy lotto tickets from Australia but such lottery organizations must be licensed if they want to distribute and sell lottery tickets online. Popular organizations like the Oz Lotteries and the Tatts Group are government licensed distribution companies and thus have been given permission by the state to sell lottery tickets online. If the buyer comes across any lottery company, they should ensure that it has the required permit and is licensed to sell lottery tickets online. Companies that wish to engage in marketing and advertising lottery games online also need specific permits for this that the must obtain from the relevant state’s gaming commission. Other than lotteries, online casinos or online betting on sports are also permitted to offer lottery games on their website provided they are licensed with the Australian borders and they have received approval from the government.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA, 2001) states that “locally-owner and foreign real money internet gaming operators are not allowed to advertise or market to Australian residents any ‘interactive’ games’. Activities that are deemed to be interactive include Online casino games,  Instant scratch games and  Online poker games. ” But games such as online bingo, online keno, and other lotto games have been permitted to be accepted within the realm of gambling. Casino websites from other countries that are licensed and have a permit to sell in foreign jurisdiction continue to see casino and poker games online to Australian residents as long as they meet the required age limit.

The legal age limit to be able to purchase lottery tickets in Australia is 18. This applies to all states other than Western Australia. Here, the age limit to purchase lottery tickets has been lowered to 16.

Lottery tickets that are bought on-site can be bought using cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Buyers who are purchasing tickets online can also pay via Visa or MasterCard. Paying through the e-wallet and mobile application PayPal is also made available on almost all the websites.

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