6 super ways to check your Australian lottery results instantly

How to check lottery results in Australia instantly

Aussies love to play pokies and lotteries. There are wonderful lotto games available throughout Australia which are all legal to play and win. Even there are some of the major lotteries that are not only for Aussies but also can be played by anyone from overseas as well. The popular ones are the Tattslotto which occurs every Saturday and then there is the Monday and Wednesday Lotto. The Saturday lotto is the simplest version of lotto and allows for players to stand a chance to win other prizes as well.

Then there is OZ Lotto occurs every Tuesday night and is known for the highest winners in Australia. Super 66 is played throughout Australia, except for New South Wales. Lotto Strike is New South Wales version of Super 66 and all that is different is the name. Powerball is the same type lottery as the Lotto and OZ lotto, the rules are slightly different and the game is played on a Thursday night instead.

Also on offer are Lucky Lotteries which is a raffle type of lottery, where you buy tickets and once all tickets have been bought the raffle occurs in which a random number generator draws up the winning ticket

The most amazing is Soccer Pools based primarily on the soccer matches in Europe and some in Australia as well. Here you choose 6 numbers from 1 – 38 and results are dependent on the draws highest rank, the away wins and the home wins.

This shows there are so many lotto games to be enjoyed but one thing that all lottery players want is to check instant lotto results and know who is the winner.

Here find six super ways to check your Australian lottery results instantly.

1. Check your lotto ticket online

Check lottery results now

This is the easiest and super fast way to check the lottery results. All the latest draw results can be found on the Lottery websites and are updated right after the draw has taken place. You can also check your tickets purchased in-store to see if you’re a winner as well as search previous draw results.

 Click to here to check lottery results at the Lott website online or at Tatts lotto site.

2. Check your results with the mobile app

Mobile app to check lottery results

You can now easily scan your ticket with the Lott App. You can access lotto results anywhere, anytime with the Lott App for iOS and Android. Also stay up-to-date on the next draw jackpot amounts and recent dividends. Infact you can also scan your tickets purchased in-store to see if you’re a winner.

3. Check your email inbox to know lotto results

Instant lottery results

Yes you can get lotto results straight to your inbox If you have an online account with the Lott you can subscribe to results emails for all of our lottery games within the My Settings section of your account. Join today.

4. Become a Tatts Card Member and find if you have won

Tatts card member

If you’re a Tatts Card member then you get lottery results instantly from the staff of lottery department.  If you win a Division 1, Jackpot or 1st Prize they’ll call you personally with the good news, as well as send you notifications via email whenever you have a win.

Also have your unclaimed prizes won in-store paid directly into your bank account or online account, plus every time your card is scanned in-store they’ll let you know if you have any unclaimed prizes. Join today to be a Tatts card member.

5. Watch the draw on TV

Australian lottery results

Many lottery draws are held live on TV. TattsLotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws can be seen on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST on the night of the official draw. Set for Life results for each daily draw can be seen on Channel 7 and 7TWO at approximately 9:45pm AEST every night.

6. Check your lottery results from your nearby retailer

Lottery results at store

Visit the Lott nearest to you to find out if your ticket is a winner. You can check your lottery and Instant Scratch-Its tickets using the self-service checker in-store, or your friendly retailer can check them for you at the counter – for smaller prizes they can also pay out your winnings on the spot! For bigger wins you have to fill a claim form and submit at the lottery department.

Now see if you have won and rush to claim your prize.

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