Predict the Weather and play Weather Lottery to win $1 Million

Weather Lottery

Weather lottery is a new lottery started for Aussies to entertain, have fun and do a good cause too. By playing Weather lottery you are supporting a charities and winning upto $1 million just by predicting the weather forecast. Launched on 8th April 2016 this lottery is all set to gain momentum and liked by one and all.

How to play Weather Lottery?

It is very simple to play weather lottery. All you need is just a charity to choose which you like to support.


  • Pick seven numbers of your choice
  • You can buy a $25 monthly ticket and play Weather lottery every week that means you can win $1 million every week. Wow..good time to become a millionaire.
  • You can win from as little as two matching numbers.
  • If you guess all seven numbers in order correctly you will win $1 million.
  •  If you guess six numbers in order you will win $25,000.

Where to buy ticket to play Weather Lottery?

  • Weather lottery is completely online, you can’t buy a ticket in a retail store. Just visit Weather Lottery website and register yourself at the online site and buy a ticket to play the lottery
  • To open an account and bet via the Weather Lottery website you must be:
  • An Australian resident, 18 years of age or older (Verified within 45 days of joining)
  • Simply fill in your information and enter your payment details to play Weather Lottery and have the chance to win up to $1 million every week while supporting worthy charities.
  • Simply predict the decimal point of the temperature at 12-noon on your charity’s nominated day and you can win from as little as two matching numbers.
  • Confirmation of your bets including ticket ID’s can be found within your account. Also you will receive a confirmation email after each of your bets is successfully lodged.
  • Your ticket is accepted and lodged upon a ticket ID being displayed within your account, and the bets are accepted within 5 minutes of lodgement of a bet request.
  • The maximum bets you can make is $ 25 per month

How to make a deposit for lottery subscription and tickets?

You can use the following mode of your deposits for lottery subscriptions

  • Credit card or Visa Master Card and is cleared immediately
  • bPay and is cleared in one business day
  • PayPal and is cleared immediately
  • Direct debit which will require 3 days from first request and then will be immediately cleared thereafter.
  • Take note that some banks may charge a small cash advance fee for using a credit card to deposit funds it is charged at the discretion of the bank who issues your credit card. Weathe lottery will not charge any deposit fee.
  • Also note that Weather Lottery transactions are not Tax Deductible by players

Are there any refunds once you lodge a bet?

  • Once you have lodged a bet and have received a transaction ID in your Weather Lottery account, no refunds shall be given from that point.
  • You are welcome to withdraw residual/unused funds (shown as “Available Balance”) within your Weather Lottery account to your nominated bank account at any time, provided you have adequately verified your ID.

Are your banking transactions safe?

  • All your personal information and transactions are safe and secure.
  • All transactions are encrypted with 128-Bit SSL technology, the highest commercial method available.
  • All Weather Lottery servers are behind firewalls further protecting against unauthorized access.
  • The servers are housed in fully secure locations, guarded and monitored 24/7 and only accessible by authorized personnel whose access is fully logged.
  • All handling of customer and payment data is PCI compliant ensuring optimal security procedures and methods are in place. This is a standard enforced by banks.

Is it a Subscription based lottery?

  • Weather lottery is a subscription based product, this means that you will have $25.00 worth of Weather Plus bets placed per month until your subscription is cancelled at your request, or insufficient funds are in your account to fund further month’s bets.
  • In order to keep your subscription active you must have enough funds in your Weather Lottery account each month to fund at least $25.00 worth of bets in advance, if you elect a credit card to auto deposit then system will automatically debit your card for up to $25.00 each month to ensure you’re never short.
  • If you cancel your subscription this will stop any future bets being placed and any automated funding of your account – all remaining pending bets in your account will stand and you will be paid any winnings still.

When is Weather lottery played?

Event Close: 11pm (Sydney Time) The day prior to each event – The cut off for new entries, changes to picks and charity preferences.
Event Start: 11.59am (Sydney Time) weekdays.
Event Finish: 12:01pm AWST (Perth Time) weekdays.
Bet based on: Reported temperature in each city at 12pm (local time in that city) on event day.
Settlement / Results notification: By 8pm (Sydney Time) event day evening.
  • Weather Lottery is played every weekday at 12-noon.
  • The Monday to Thursday events are each aligned to charity partners, which means that the $5 donation from your ticket goes directly to that charity. The charity partners and the day their Weather Lottery is played are shown below in the image.

Days weather lottery is played

  • By playing the Friday event, you can choose how much of your donation goes to each charity, or by default the funds will be distributed evenly between all charities.
  • Once you have selected a charity, you will play that charity’s Weather Lottery every week for the month.
  • At the end of the month, you can simply continue to keep supporting the same charity or you can choose a different charity.

Picking the Seven Numbers

7 cities of Australia weather lottery

To play the lottery, you need to pick seven numbers.

  • To win, your numbers you need to match the decimal point of the temperature in each Australian capital city at 12-noon on the day of the lottery of your chosen charity is played. For example, if you think the temperature in Perth will be 24.8 degrees, then the number you enter for Perth would be 8.
  • Once you’ve chosen your numbers they are unique to you, meaning no two players can have the same numbers in the same order. This means that the $1 million and $25,000 prizes are never shared between players.
  • You need to select your numbers every week and your numbers are valid only for the event you choose to play.
  • The winning numbers are taken from official Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) recorded temperatures at 12-noon every weekday.

How can you change your numbers once you have selected the seven numbers

  • You may change your picks any time before bet close via your account, simply login and click the “Edit Picks” button.
  • From there you can edit one, some or all picks in a ticket, and any other pending tickets.
  • Updating your picks will cancel all pending bets in your account and replace them with new tickets containing the new picks and ticket IDs.
  • Any changes made will be stored and used in your next subscription period unless you make subsequent changes.

How can you cancel or edit your lottery subscription

  • If you would like to Re-Activate, Pause or Cancel your Weather Plus subscription you can do so within your account under the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • Pausing a subscription allows you to stop additional charges and bets being created for a period of time this is useful for situations such as going on holiday or you just want to take a break.
  • Cancelling a subscription cancels all future billing and bets you will no longer be charged.
  • You can reactive a subscription from the same “Subscriptions” tab.

How to know the results of Weather Lottery

The results of weather lottery can be had at the weather lottery website. Also you can like their Facebook page to know the results there also.

Weather Lottery Results

  • All results are as reported by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).
  • The website publish results for each event on results page including a link to the relevant BOM web page for additional reference.
  • They also send an email to all players  after event settlement advising them of the results and if any they won anything.

How to make Withdrawals of your lottery winnings?

You can withdraw cleared funds from your Weather Lottery account via the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer which will take 2 business days from the time of request
  • Cheque will be posted within 2 business days of request
  • PayPal will help you withdraw in 1 business day of request
  • To make a withdrawal simply login to you account, click the Fundstab and follow the prompts.
  • You can update your payment methods and preferences from within your account under the “Funds” tab.

What are the Payout Times?

  • Payouts below $25,001 are made available in your account and available to request withdrawal immediately after bet settlement and results notification, typically this is within 4 hours of an event ending.
  • For all payouts above $25,000 please allow 21 days for the funds to be released for payment as the lottery will Ensure integrity of the bet and results, Contact you and congratulate your on your payout, Verify your payment details and other identity checks, Prepare necessary payments (cheques, bank transfers etc)
  • During this period the funds will be shown within your account, however they won’t be available to withdraw.

One of the main benefits of Weather Lottery is that it allows you to support charities on an ongoing basis, while also having the opportunity to win significant prizes yourself so play this lottery win and do some good cause too.

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