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Do you know that the Australian Lottery market attracts players from around the world, because of its 0% taxation of winnings, it’s payment of the entire winnings as a lump sum and large Jackpots as high as $90,000,000AUD.

The Australian Lottery is also attractive to lottery players because of some of its low number ranges and balls required to match for prize payouts. The Tattslotto (Saturday Lotto) is a 6 from 45 lottery with the odds of 8,145,060 to 1, making it one on the lowest odds official lotteries in the world. The Australian lotteries also donate a large portion of sales to charities and community groups.

Few Facts

  • NetLotto was founded in 2009 to establish a presence in the Australian Lottery market for the retailing of Australian Lottery products. Netlotto is a privately owned company established based in Brisbane, Australia.
  • As an accredited reseller of Australian Lottery, Netlotto holds an official Tattersall’s reseller agreement, and is bound by strict code of rules that governs operations and operating procedures.
  • The company operates, a website for the online sale of Australian Lottery games to both australian and overseas lottery players.
  • Netlotto provides a range of Lotto Syndicates and Lotto Systems, such as Lottery Wheeling, that use mathematically calculated numbers selections and spreads to give players a different approach to lottery playing.
  • Netlotto is fully audited and conducts its game lodgements and prize payments under strict license supervision.
  • All Lotto Jackpots show are in $AUD (Australian dollars).
  • All Australian Lotto Games close 1 hour before official Lottery Draw commences.
  • Australian Lotto is played as a “Bloc”, where all state lotteries combine their lottery pools to create bigger jackpots and dividends.
  • Each state has a local lotto brand, but the tickets, prizes and results are the same across Australia, and are conducted as 1 single draw.
  • Major lottery brands grouped into the “Australian Lotto Bloc” are: X lotto, Oz Lotto, Super 66, Tatts lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, 6/38 Pools. is a lottery website giving customers the ability to play various Australian lotteries from the comfort of their own home. Customers from around the world are allowed to participate, however, local laws need to be checked regarding playing lotteries of other countries.

Punters choosing to use this website can register for an account and select which lottery to participate in, a representative will then make a purchase on your behalf and information regarding your ticket will be e-mailed to you. The company charges a fee in addition to the cost of the ticket for their services. Any winnings are deposited into your NetLotto account and an e-mail is sent to notify you of such an event.

How to Play

Simply click the Join Button at their website at the top of the page and fill in your details. After processing your details, account is created for you and email is sent to you with the activation code. Once you activate your account you are ready to play.

And when you begin to play NetLotto will send you a statement showing you how your games did, it will show you the matching winning numbers on every game you played. Also you will have access to Syndicates, that allow you to play larger systems and number of games.

All your details  are kept private and confidential. You can get you entry in as late as 45 minutes before the draw.  Winnings are automatically credited to your account. They can be transferred to your bank account at the click of a button. You can also check your results at their website.

What can you do at NetLotto


  • You can play and win online with all your favourite Australian Lotteries in the one place. Here regular Jackpots and Superdraw’s for the chance to win the Big One.
  • You can buy Lottery Tickets online.
  • You can get your results and winnings instantly and are sent to you.
  • You can play Online Lotto Syndicates and System Tickets.
  • You can Set up Auto play for your favourite lottery

Games  to Play


NetLotto Syndicates

Netlotto provides lotto syndicates for all its range of Australian Lottery games.These syndicates offer a great way to play and enjoy your favourite lotto, lowering your costs while increasing your chances. They have weekly syndicates and special Superdraw and Jackpot Syndicates always available when they reach the big prize draws.

Many experienced lottery players are regular syndicate share buyers for the following reasons:

Increased Chances – Syndicates offer players the chance to play many more games than they would normally play. More games = More chances, with some of the larger syndicates playing 2000-3000 games in a single draw.

Multiple Dividends – Netlotto comprises its syndicates of System games, these games have a greater return value by paying out Multiple prizes per division, some of the larger systems in the High Roller syndicates have seen 100’s of division prizes won off the 1 syndicate entry.

Smart Systems – These are becoming very popular, given their strike rate and NetLotto use a combination of Smart Systems to remove out the least likely combinations of numbers, giving you even more chances.

Syndicates are a great Low Cost way to Play Lotto, with multiple players sharing the cost and prizes its also a Fun way to Play Lotto.

Some FAQ

  • What happens if you win a prize ?
    When you win any amount from a lotto draw you have played, NetLotto instantly deposit the money into your Netlotto account. Also notify you by email of any winnings you have accumulated on the lotto games played.
  • How to transfer your winnings ?
    You can transfer any portion of your Netlotto balance to a nominated bank account or you can request a cheque to be sent to your residential address.
    Transfers can be made from the Make Withdrawal option on the Accounts Menu.
  • How long until your winnings will appear in your bank account ?
    Normally the same or next day, with larger jackpots or very busy periods, or depending on your bank it may take up to 48 hours.
  • Can you use winnings for additional lotto purchases ?
    When you make a lotto purchase it uses any available balance on your Netlotto account first, if your balance is less than your purchase price, the remaining amount owed will be charged to your active payment option.
  • When are the results processed ?
    Results are normally processed 1 hour after the draw, however when the jackpots grow to large sizes, processing may be delayed slightly.
  • Can you play Netlotto from another country ?
    As long as it is legal for you to play online lotto in your state, territory or country, Netlotto welcomes all players to Australian Lottery.
  • Is Netlotto legal and a real lottery seller ?
    Netlotto is an Official Accredited and Licenced Online Agent for Australian Lotteries. They are audited by the Lottery Organiser and operate under a strict code of rules and governance bound by their licence agreement.
  • Can you talk to a real person ?
    You can visit the Contact us Page for details on how to get in touch with Netlotto.

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