How to check the results of Tatts Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball and other lotteries instantly in Australia?

How to check lottery results in Australia

There are numerous lotteries to play and win but players always lose patience when it comes to know the winner or the results of the lottery draws. There are various ways with which you can know your favourite lottery result in minutes of time. Here we will show you those easy methods to check lottery results in Australia. But before we begin you should know the type of lotteries that are widely played and their draw timings.

The Lotteries and their draw timings

How to check powerball lottery at once

The Tatts lotto offers the popular Saturday lotto where you can win an estimated $4 Million every Saturday or win regular events called Superdraws which offer Division One prize pools of $20 Million or more. Saturday TattsLotto draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) every Saturday night and to win you have to match 6 winning numbers in a single game.


The Oz Lotto is a jackpot game where 7 winning numbers are selected from a lottery draw barrel. To win the jackpot your entry needs to match all 7 winnings numbers in a single game, and if no one wins Division 1, the prize pool jackpots to the next draw. Oz Lotto draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) every Tuesday night and has jackpotted to over $100 million in the past.


Powerball is Australia’s biggest official jackpot lottery with the biggest prize pool and hundreds of thousands of winners each week, if there are no Division 1 prize winners, the prize pool jackpots to the next draw which has been as high as $80 Million. Powerball draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) every Thursday night and is a game of chance drawn from 2 barrels. 6 numbers are drawn from the main barrel and 1 Powerball number is drawn from the Powerball Barrel. Match all 6 winnings numbers plus the Powerball in a single game to win the jackpot.


Set for Life gives you a chance to win $20,000 a month for 20 years. It is the only game that allows you to play your numbers across 7 consecutive daily draws – that’s a chance every day of the week to be Set for Life! Draws take place every night at 9.00pm (AEST). To win first prize, your entry needs to match all 8 winning numbers in a single SET.


Monday & Wednesday Lotto gives you the chance to become a millionaire each Monday and Wednesday with a guaranteed $1 Million prize pool for up to four winners! Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) every Monday and Wednesday night and to win you have to match 6 winning numbers in a single game.


Lucky Lotteries is a raffle style jackpot game that guarantees over 10,000 prizes in every draw. Unlike other lottery games, each number is unique so there is no sharing of prizes. There are two Lucky Lotteries games – Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot. Each game has a set amount of numbers per draw and once all available numbers are sold, the winning numbers are drawn using a random number generator.


The Pools is Australia’s only lottery based on the outcome of football matches played across Europe and Australia. The top prize (Division 1) jackpots until won, starting at an estimated $60K and jackpot to over $1 million in the past! Winning numbers are determined by the highest scoring drawn soccer matches, but you can play it just like a regular lottery game.


Super 66 is a random computer generated 6-digit number game giving you a chance to win $16,666 or more! To win, match the 6 single-digit numbers from the number drawn in the correct order. Super 66 is a jackpot game so if there is no Division 1 winner, it jackpots to the next draw. Draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) each Saturday night. Add a Super 66 entry to your next Saturday Lotto entry for an extra chance to win!


Instant Scratchies lotto tickets sold in the Northern Territory are conducted by Golden Casket. The result of these lotteries are declared the moment you play them.

How to check the results of the lotteries instantly?

Check lottery results now

Here are the numerous ways of bringing you the results of your favourite lottery games.

You can check your lotto ticket online: All the latest draw results can be found on the Lott website, Oz website and are updated right after the draw has taken place.

You can also check your tickets purchased in-store to see if you’re a winner as well as search previous draw results.

You can watch the draw on TV: TattsLotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws can be seen on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST on the night of the official draw. Set for Life results for each daily draw can be seen on Channel 7 and 7TWO at approximately 9:45pm AEST every night.

You can scan your ticket with the Lott App and know the result: Access lotto results anywhere, anytime with the Lott App for iOS and Android. Also stay up-to-date on the next draw jackpot amounts and recent dividends

Scan the lotto ticket at Lottery terminals at stores: Also scan your tickets purchased in-store to see if you’re a winner.  Locate the Lott store nearest to you for the physical ticket checker terminals to know the result.

Also check your tickets and know the results in-store from the retailer. Visit the Lott nearest to you to find out if your ticket is a winner. You can check your lottery and Instant Scratch-Its tickets using the self-service checker in-store, or your friendly retailer can check them for you at the counter – for smaller prizes they can also pay out your winnings on the spot!

Get lotto results straight to your inbox : If you have an online account with the Lott you can subscribe to results emails for all of lottery games within the My Settings section of your account.

Become Tatts card member to know if you have won instantly: If you’re a Tatts Card member and you win a Division 1, Jackpot or 1st Prize lotto team will call you personally with the good news, as well as send you notifications via email whenever you have a win. Also have your unclaimed prizes won in-store paid directly into your bank account or online account, plus every time your card is scanned in-store the lottery team will let you know if you have any unclaimed prizes.

For lotterywest winners or Western Australian winners you can know the lottery results online through their website, or with their app on your mobile or call 1900 919 958 to know the results. Calls cost 35 cents per minute (including GST) plus a 12 cent connection fee. Mobiles and pay phones cost extra. Also watch lottery results live on TV and Channel 7 and GWN7 in Western Australia at the end of Seven News for Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto and Powerball; and with Today Tonight for Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto. The full draws for Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and Powerball are aired on 7TWO at approximately 8.45pm, while Set for Life draw results are shown on Channel 7, 7TWO and GWN7 at approximately 7.45pm each day.

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