Camelot Lottery Cancels Erroneous Mobile App

camelot lottery mobile app

UK-based Camelot Lottery has ditched its National Lottery mobile app in the region.

Lottery bettors have raised issues concerning the irregularities of the app. Camelot’s mobile app has been feeding users inaccurate lottery draw results.

Lottery players have aired their complaints on social media. Players have used Camelot’s mobile app to check their tickets. The app has verified their numbers and were told that their tickets didn’t win. The big surprise is that ticket holders actually won upon checking on the lottery website.

Camelot Aims to Improve Lottery App

Camelot recently issued a statement regarding the app on the National Lottery website. It says that they are currently working through a number of technical glitch. The mobile app was displaying incorrect non-winning results.

Camelot Lottery has also said that the recent technical issue is caused by its latest software upgrades on iOS and Android. It was reported that the app froze which made bettors check tickets on their website or local lottery retailer instead.

Camelot’s Digital Development Needs Major Improvements

Camelot launched the mobile app in Q2 saying that it will help its customers with updates. However, the crucial issue here is that bettors might have thrown away their winning tickets after the app gave them inaccurate results. Lottery bettors have to get in touch with Camelot in writing and provide ticket purchase information. They also need to detail the number of tickets bought and number sets played.

The UK Gambling Commission has fined Camelot with £300k in July. Camelot’s website has displayed incorrect winning numbers for the Lotto Millionaire draw results. The UKGC has also imposed £100k fine to Camelot after it told 3 jackpot winners that they will be rewarded with £2m each but the actual payout was only £1.6m.

With this in tow, it seems Camelot Global has a track record with erroneous information in its digital platforms. The big idea now is to how Camelot Global will fix these issues with substantial funding instead of wasting its funds to the UK Gambling Commission.

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