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Australians love to play Lotteries and now things have become more easier with Lottoland App With his app now as an Aussie you will get a chance to play not only your Australian lotteries like the Saturday Lotto, Thursday, Tuesday Monday and Wednesday Lotto but also the world’s biggest jackpots anytime and anywhere. This Lottoland app is all free for you to download from iTunes Store on your iOS devices be iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as from Google Play Store for all of your Android devices.

Features of Lottoland App

Features of Lottoland app

With the Lottoland app you can play both Australian and International Lotteries.

As said above you can enjoy the following Australian Lotteries:

Powerball Australia

  • With jackpots that can rise from a guaranteed $3 million to more than $50 million, Powerball is one of Australia’s most exciting and popular lotteries.
    Draws for this lottery are held each Thursday night at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT.
  • Powerball offers some of Australia’s biggest jackpots (the current record is $80 million) plus favourable overall odds. With more prize divisions than any other Australian lotto – eight in total – Powerball also gives you more chances to win a prize.
  • Pick 6 regular numbers from 1 to 40 plus a Powerball number from 1 to 20.
  • Two drums are used in the Powerball draw, one for the regular numbers and a second for the Powerball number.
  • Get all six regular numbers plus the Powerball number to hit the jackpot or specific combinations of regular and/or Powerball numbers to win one of seven additional prize divisions.

Tuesday Lotto Australia

  • The Tuesday Lotto, also known as Oz Lotto in NSW, WA, VIC and other states, guarantees a minimum jackpot of $2 million each week. The Oz Lotto also holds the record for the highest Australian jackpot of all time ($112 million).
  • The Oz Lotto draw takes place every Tuesday night at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT.
  • Oz Lotto results are broadcasted on channel 7TWO.
  • Oz Lotto is Australia’s biggest lottery by jackpot size. No other lottery comes close. So if it’s big jackpots you’re after then the Tuesday Lotto is where it’s at.
  • For just $1.20 per standard game (play from as little as just one game) the Tuesday Lotto also offers you more prize divisions plus the best overall prize odds of any major Australian lottery.
  • Originally the same as the Saturday Lotto, a seventh number was added to the Oz Lotto in 2005, increasing the odds, but also allowing for far bigger jackpots.
  • To play the Tuesday Lotto just pick 7 numbers from 1 to 45. Each Tuesday night 7 regular and 2 supplementary numbers are drawn.
  • Match all 7 regular numbers to hit the jackpot. The 6 other prize divisions can be won by getting the correct amount of regular and/or supplementary numbers.

Saturday Lotto Australia

The Saturday Lotto is one of Australia’s most popular lotteries. Draws take place every Saturday at 8:30PM AEST / 9:30PM AEDT.

The Saturday Lotto has lots of different names, but it’s all the same game. The official names vary from state to state depending on who the regional operator is. In Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT it’s called the Tattslotto. South Australia refers to the game as X Lotto. In Queensland it’s known as the Gold Lotto and in Western Australia the name is simply Saturday Lotto.

The minimum estimated jackpot for the Saturday Lotto is $4 million though that amount can often rise much higher. There are also regular Super draws of a guaranteed $20 million plus an annual Mega draw worth $30 million.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto Australia

Every week the Monday and Wednesday Lotto draws are held giving lucky players the chance to win a minimum jackpot of $1 million per draw. The draws take place each Monday and Wednesday at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30pm AEDT.

The Monday and Wednesday Lottos are known by various different names, it all depends on where you’re based. In Western Australia and New South Wales they’re still referred to as the Monday and Wednesday Lottos whereas in South Australia the game is branded as X Lotto. In Queensland the game is called the Gold Lotto. In Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and Northern Territory, meanwhile, the game operates under the brand name Tattslotto.

The Monday and Wednesday Lotto offers the best jackpot odds of any major Australian lottery and six prize divisions in total. The minimum jackpots for both the Monday and Wednesday Lotto draws are an estimated $1 million or higher.

In each draw eight numbers will be chosen – six regular numbers plus two supplementary numbers. If you match all six regular numbers you’ll win the jackpot of at least $1 million. Other prizes are awarded for specific combinations of regular and supplementary numbers.

Lottoland International Lotteries

You can also play International Lotteries with Lottoland app and you can bet on
• US MegaMillions
• US PowerBall
• EuroMillions
• Irish Lotto

Also  many more massive draws in an instant you can take the chance to become a millionaire. Just choose the draw, select your numbers and place your bet. It’s that simple.

You can also check all the latest lottery results with this app and look forward to updates on Lottoland’s exciting special offers.


Lottoland App

First download the Lottoland App and come to know of the world’s biggest jackpots . This app is free and is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later for your iPhone and iPad. You can select the language you wish to play this app with such as English, Czech, German, Polish, Portuguese or Swedish.

If you are using your Google Nexus, Samsung or any other Android phone then this requires 2.2 and up Android device.

After download you register yourself with this ap and you will be asked to provide Lottoland with valid identification. Lottoland is required by law to verify your identity, it’s part of the terms of their gaming license, and it also protects you. Without proper ID they would not be able to validate and pay out any winnings you make because they could be claimed by someone impersonating you.

They ask for your ID only to

  • Facilitating the payment of prizes
  • Confirming your identity
  • Protecting you from fraud to ensure only you can claim your prize
  • Offering you personalised support
  • Asking for ID also safeguards vulnerable underage players, and prevents minors from betting.

Exclusives and Bonuses to Grab at Lottoland

Special Jackpots and famous DoubleJackpot are just two of the Lottoland exclusives that you can grab as bonuses.

Special Jackpots are the value of a given jackpot to give players the chance to win bigger prizes through Lottoland than they would through the main draws.

DoubleJackpot is available for the Australian lotteries at Lottoland. With this incredible option you can double your potential winnings any time you want, for instance if you wish to play for double the

App safe and secure with good payout

Lottoland App

Lottoland Australia is fully licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. This license ensures that anyone who wins through Lottoland will be paid out in full.

Also it guarantees biggest jackpots to be paid out, as this app is backed up by a number of leading insurers. These companies also insure some of the world’s largest financial institutions, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s $5 million or $500 million, your jackpot prize will be covered.

Lottoland currently offer no more than 20 different Australian and International lotto draws, including EuroMillions, PowerBall and Irish Lotto. Alongside these there are exclusive jackpots like Cash4Life (win $1,000 per day for the rest of your life!) and Ke Now (win $1 Million every 4 minutes!)

With their betting model, players in Australia (excludes South Australia due to license restrictions) can bet on the outcomes of these draws regardless of where the lottery is based.

Lottoland is an industry leader and in 2015 was awarded with the ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Alternative Operator’ at the EGR Operator Awards ceremony.

The EGR awards is the most prestigious award in the gaming industry and includes over 700 of the world’s biggest online gaming firms. You can contact Lottoland in case of any doubt or query by email Or even use their Live Chat given at their website.

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